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The 2020 annual AFDA Online Graduation Festival, which continues up until the 31 January 2021, is proving to be an enormous success. Viewers from 60 countries on 5 continents have had the pleasure of watching over 70 films/documentaries/animations and tele-novellas produced by the AFDA 3rd year undergraduate and 4th year postgraduate class of 2020.

The productions, screened on the AFDA website [ ], have received over 28 000 views with the total of hours watched by the global audience adding up to a massive 2 304 hours. This statistic deserves a standing ovation on its own.

Another very interesting statistic, which is a clear indication of the sign of our times, is that nearly 18 000 of the 28 000 views to date on the online festival have been from phone devices.

A massive congratulations to all the students and staff, who did not let the difficulties of 2020 hinder their goal to create culturally relevant content for a worldwide audience. They embraced innovative ideas and technology, showed true grit and determination and most importantly, kept their passion and dreams as creatives alive.

These are the top ten productions at present that have received the most views:

  • The House My Grandfather Built (AFDA Cape Town)
  • The Professional (AFDA Johannesburg)
  • Liminal (AFDA Durban)
  • 11-11 (AFDA Johannesburg)
  • Passage (AFDA Cape Town)
  • All the Lost Things (AFDA Durban)
  • The Writings on the Wall (AFDA Durban)
  • Lights (AFDA Port Elizabeth)
  • Quiet on Set (AFDA Johannesburg)
  • Cavity (AFDA Johannesburg)

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