Entry into the first year of the undergraduate Bachelors degree

If you are South African and have passed matric, but did not get matric with entry into a Bachelors degree (to get into an Undergrad degree) or matric with entry into a Diploma or Higher Certificate (to get into Higher Certificiate), or are an international student that does not have a matric equivalent you can take the AFDA Entrance Exam.

This is recognised by SAQA and the final results are approved at the discretion of the AFDA Senate. Please note: the exam can be completed on an AFDA campus or online.

The AFDA entrance exam/ assessment has been designed to offer prospective students who may not be in possession of a the right qualification to enter into their chosen course, the potential and opportunity to be conditionally accepted into their preferred AFDA course. It is facilitated by external psychometric consulting company called NOME. Important points to note with the:

  • The assessment is a registered psychometric assessment that has been normed for South African standards.
  • Candidates must be in possession of a school leaving transcript/ certificate.
  • The exam assesses your current and potential learning capability for degree program readiness and you will not need to study for this exam.
  • This exam is booked and completed online on a computer, and is followed by an interview with an AFDA staff member.
  • The exam results, interview feedback and your supporting documentation are all reviewed in order to generate a report detailing the results and NOME’s recommendation.
  • Contact your chosen AFDA campus in order to find out how to set up a time to do the entrance exam.
  • The exam fee is charged in South African Rand (ZAR) and payable by electronic transfer directly to NOME Consulting (not AFDA).
    • The fee is subject to an annual increase.
    • Submit supporting documentation and motivational letters to strengthen your application for entrance into our degree program to the relevant career advisor.
    • For example:
      • Motivational letter
      • Any certificates received for outstanding achievements – certified copies
      • CV of achievements
      • Reference letter e.g. from work, community work, or leadership positions you have fulfilled.

Please contact your nearest campus for more information. The exam itself can take about 1 hour followed by the interview, which would be approximately 15 minutes. The report is presented to the AFDA Senate, for final approval. In the event of you not being successful in our Entrance Exam, you may contact AFDA for feedback on your overall assessment results and consider alternative options. Most candidates who might not get the required results and recommendation for the degree, can likely qualify for entry into AFDA’s Higher Certificate courses. While AFDA and NOME try to process exam applications and reports as quickly as possible, the notification of the result to the applicant can take up to 10 working days.


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