The AFDA Book Goes Live

Oct 12, 2021 | Alumni, News

AFDA is proud to announce the launch of the AFDA Book, an online publication created by AFDA co-founder Garth Holmes and published by Art Africa Publishing. The publication takes us from where it all began in 1994, with 6 students armed with a broken TV and a rented VCR to AFDA today, boasting 4 fully equipped campuses, over 2 500 students, 260 full-time staff and over 5 500 alumni.
The publication is intended, in one way or another, to tell the story of AFDA – a story that is primarily conveyed through the many characters, voices and influences that have shaped the spirit of the institution over the last 25 years. The publication also celebrates our graduates who are pervasive and well known in the local entertainment industry. They work in all sectors of the creative economy and its associated industries. Many of them have created companies that employ both small and large numbers of practitioners and services. Many have made their mark abroad. Many have diverted into other industries and careers. Nevertheless, they are the pride and joy of the institution, irrespective of the size of the critical contribution that they continue to make to South Africa’s GDP.
There are many companies, institutions and individuals that AFDA has already acknowledged for their contribution to AFDA’s success in this publication. In so doing, individuals and companies may have been unwittingly overlooked or not included in this publication. AFDA would like to apologise to those who feel affronted or injured by this oversight in any way.
Download the AFDA Book directly from:
Because the book is electronic, it can be updated and edited, and will be every trimester. Make sure to send through info on your latest exploits to for your next feature to be included in next update and please do not hesitate to point out any errors you may come across.

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