Meet social media sensation Ethan “Bob” McKay

Feb 17, 2023 | News

AFDA Higher Certificate graduate and content creator, Ethan “Bob” McKay is becoming a social media sensation on the Tik Tok and Instagram platforms.

In the Creative Economy the phrase you will most hear is, “content is king” coined by Bill Gates in 1996. Ethan, now in his first year of the Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium programme sure does understand creating social media content. Ethan has over 15k followers on Instagram and TikTok with many of his videos on TikTok receiving  over 2 million likes.

“Through the course of high school, I could never fully express my creativity in any of my subjects because none of them required it. As a result, my strengths were never assessed. However, while doing the Higher Certificate in Film, Television and Entertainment programme at AFDA, I was finally able to demonstrate my creativity, and at the end of each term, I came out at the top of my class. Graduating with a Cum Laude has been one of my favourite achievements in life thus far. This has motivated me more than ever to maintain my results and work towards establishing myself in the film and television industry.” says Ethan.

Major brand companies like Red Bull, Cotton On and Nedbank have also have picked up on Ethan’s brilliant and hilarious social media content commissioning him to endorse their products and brands online.

“I am now continuing my studies at AFDA, doing the Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium and I am excited for what this year has to offer. So far, we already shot a film for a film competition organised by CLVA as part of orientation. Considering that we just met, my crew really came together and, in the end, we came in second place. For that being our first film, I think that we did a pretty good job!” says Ethan.

Another thing Ethan has always had his sights on is to participate in a reality TV show. He recently bared all in an Instagram post when he “came out” ahead of reality TV show “Love is Love”, in which he has been cast. The show will air on SABC 2 in May this year.

Ethan is also a drama teacher at the Eoan Group School of Performing Arts.

“Attending AFDA, the school for the creative economy has been the most validating and fruitful experience ever! If you are a creative looking to ups-kill yourself, I cannot recommend AFDA enough!” says Ethan.

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