Meet AFDA Live Performance lecturer Abduragman Adams

Apr 3, 2023 | Learning Staff, News

AFDA Cape Town Live Performance lecturer Abduragman Adams is a well- known South African television, film and theatre actor, director scriptwriter and educator. In October 2022 he received a Ministerial Award at the Cultural Affairs Awards where he was recognized both as a ‘talented actor and for his outstanding contribution in mentoring emerging actors in theatre, television and film.

Most viewers who switch on their televisions to watch the TV soapie ‘Suidooster’ will know Abdu as the charachter Ian October. Abdu has starred in ‘Suidooster’ in over 560 episodes since 2015. He also worked on 7de Laan, where he played the character of David Abrahams. He has appeared in several other television shows including ‘Heartlines’, ‘Known Gods’, ‘Rugby Motors’ and ‘Die Boland Moorde’.

His most recent screen acting roles include starring in the new hit drama series ‘Unseen’, in the feature film ‘Indemnity’, ‘The Umbrella Men’ and ‘Barakat’. He also acted in two episodes of the hugely successful Netflix series ‘Blood and Water’. In 2013 he starred in the film ‘Four Corners’ and in 2016 in the South African Oscar candidate film ‘Noem My Skollie’.

His passion for performance extends into his work in various South African theatre productions. A few notable performances have been the lead in Brecht’s Baai, Report to an Academy, Roadkill/Padkos and Rooikoppetjie.

Abdu was also a writer on the television series S.O.S.

In an interview with the Weekend Argus after joining the Live Performance School at AFDA last year Abdu pointed out that, “People have always given to me on various sets I’ve worked on and educational spaces I’ve worked in. It feels great to be able to give back. I need to be part of the creative pulse to ensure that people are not marginalised from the industry.”

“Today, actors are entrepreneurs because we do so much and there is a constant learning process. I always say that you are forever a student. “This career will never go away. It is, in part, a calling. This is not a glam show, it’s hard work but it’s an exciting job,”

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