Back to back awards for AFDA alumnus Tsoanelo Moyo aka ‘Ah Mozisi’ @tsoanieskits at SA Social Media Awards

Nov 3, 2023 | Alumni, Awards, News

AFDA alumnus Tsoanelo Moyo made it two in a row at the 3rd Annual South African Social Media Awards Ceremony at Sandton Convention Centre on the 29 October winning the Most Popular Video Series On Social Media award. On the SASMA X social media account they announce Tsoanelo’s award saying: “This award goes to a legend in the world of video series, the one who’s not just entertaining but also changing the game. In 2022 Tsoanelo won the Most Popular Content Across All Social Media Platforms award at the SASMA’s.

The South African Social Media Awards features categories covering every aspect of social media, across major social media channels and celebrating/giving all creatives an opportunity to shine and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Over the last few years Tsoanelo has made a massive name for himself as a social media content creator gaining massive traction on various social media platforms for his unique, relatable and highly entertaining content, particularly his character ‘Moses’, pronounced ‘Mozisi’, which has become a household name around the globe.

The sheer numbers of followers and subscribers Tsoanelo has on multiple social media platforms is testament to his success as a social media content creator. He has over 3,9 Million followers on TikTok, 532k subscribers on YouTube and 257k followers on Instagram.

In an interview with Drum Magazine in 2020 Tsoanelo told us how he created ‘Ah Mozisi’. “I was with a friend of mine in my room and we wanted to create videos, we started playing around with some African accents to see what we can create. When we got to the Zimbabwean accent, we liked it, from there we came up with the concept of making hilarious mother and son videos. We struggled to find a name at first, the name Moses was inspired by my cousin whose name is actually Moses.”

Tsoanelo’s ability to connect with his audience and his relatable and entertaining content has earned him numerous accolades and awards. In 2020 he won the Best Social Media Comedian of the Year at the African Social Entertainment Awards as well as the Most Outstanding Comedian at the Zimstar Awards. In 2021 he won the Most Creative Creator award at the African Social Entertainment Awards.

He was the Number 1 on the YouTube Breakout Creator’s List across the whole Country in 2021, Number 9 on the Top YouTube creators in South Africa in 2021, he received the 100K subscribers plaque from YouTube within 3 months and is very proud to be part of the YouTube Black voices class of 2023.

Tsoanelo attributes much of his success to the quality of education and training offered to him while studying a BA in Motion Picture Medium at AFDA. “I initially studied acting but then fell in love with sound… and boom, I switched to majoring in sound and editing in second year and graduated with them as my majors. My studies changed me, they made me a better editor, a better sound person and mixer. I treat every one of the skits I make as like I was making a movie or telenovela for a production company.  My achievements as a social media content creator demonstrates the diversity and range of career opportunities available to AFDA graduates.”

Tsoanelo also attributes his success to the team of people and friends that work with him, many of which have their own channels on the net., and most importantly his fans and followers. “You know, so many of my fans voted for me and helped me many of my awards. A big shout out to my fans and my friends.

Due to his online success, Tsoanelo has also worked with brands like: Fanta, Netflix (Blood and Water), OctaFX, Student Village, Citroën, Krispy Kreme, Crocs and Tecno, endorsing their brands on his various social media platforms.

As Tsoanelo says, “The future holds success, the future holds awards, the future holds great collaborations, the future holds generational change, the future looks very bright, you know I’m actually going to wear shades now.”

Catch Tsoanelo here;




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