BA in Motion Picture Medium

The AFDA Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium is renowned for providing students with a rigorous, well-rounded, comprehensive education in motion picture production. The program is designed to equip students with the necessary conceptual, practical and contextual skills to produce multiple forms of film, TV, stage and emerging media content. What defines the program and sets it apart, is its experiential approach to learning, allowing graduates to thrive in the creative economy of the 21st century.

Unlike in traditional learning spaces, students are not assessed on the knowledge they have gained by means of examinations. Instead, they are assessed by how they are able to analyse and apply this knowledge in the context of creating motion picture projects. This problem-based learning assists students in developing their own concepts, then in contextualising and socialising this learning through successful collaboration, integrating their own understanding with that of the team, and finally in evaluating their progress in order to foster a sense of personal development. Also included in this approach, is the element of work-integrated learning, providing students with the opportunity to connect with the motion picture profession, applying their knowledge in the context of building successful and fulfilling careers.

Students enrolling for this degree should have a strong desire to:

  • Develop a culture not only of knowledge exploration, but also of understanding, applying and analysing this knowledge to come up with their own novel concepts.
  • Take on multiple roles within creative production teams across multiple content forms, adopting a collaborative learning approach.
  • Be aware of the ethical and cultural contexts in which they work, and the opportunities they have as creative professionals to invest in the world.
  • Apply their knowledge in the context of the motion picture profession in order to build successful careers and foster a sense of fulfilment.
  • Nurture a culture of life-long, deep, relevant learning by continuously reflecting on their progress.

Posted on

6 September 2021