Ivan Kinghorn

Sound Design

Ivan Kinghorn is currently the Junior Sound Design Lecturer in the Sound Department. Mr. Kinghorn graduated at AFDA with a BA MPM Honours. Mr. Kinghorn went to work for Sound Surfers on numerous big local productions in the post production audio department that won awards. Mr, Kinghorn worked on two documentaries’ with an Italian Production Company “Flexprod” where he did on-set audio recording for them. Mr. Kinghorn has taken part in the 48 hour film project where the production he worked on with “Hollyveld” productions was nominated for 9 out of 14 awards and walked away with 8 of the awards on the Johannesburg leg of the 48 hour film project. The production then went to the New Orleans Film Festival and was chosen as one of the top 12 short films to go to the Cannes Film Festival. Mr. Kinghorn has worked on two Mofilm Projects as the on-set and post production audio engineer. Currently the status of the two projects is still to be maid know if they won and are going to the Cannes Film Festival. Mr. Kinghorn is currently working on 3 short films that will be released with Francois Bloemhof’s new book in this Year and a fetcher film that Francois Bloemhof wants so make.