Bachelor of Creative Writing

Course Type:



3 years, full time



Total Tuition Fees 2024

R103 520

SAQA ID 112550

Most Creative Writing programmes are in the postgraduate domain. The Bachelor of Creative Writing at AFDA is one of the few fully fledged undergraduate degrees in this field on offer in the country.

The Bachelor of Creative Writing provides a project-led qualification in the art of writing. At the heart of all work in the industry is story – and the AFDA Creative Writing programme focuses on developing students to create strong stories in a variety of formats.

The programme will supply students with a broad-based skill set and a network of creative practitioners that will increase options for content production in the world of work.  AFDA, being the school for the Creative Economies, is actively exploring new evolutions in technological developments and will equip students to write for emerging platforms as they develop.

Total tuition fees for 2024

R103 520

In each of the four disciplines, students will learn to build their stories for a relevant target market using five components:

  • Concept
  • Character
  • Structure
  • Form & Style
  • Management & Control

Lectures in the four disciplines will be centered around simulated learning narratives related to professional writing to further equip students for the working world. The course will also provide scaffolded learning over the three years of the degree.

In addition to the four core disciplines, students will also receive learning in the following subjects:

  • Research Studies – where they will look at concepts and theories from the Humanities and understand  the issues in society, and how to apply these in creating informed discipline projects.
  • Contextual Studies – where they will learn how to equip themselves with 21st century skills.
  • Production Studies – where they will present their work to their peers and learn how to critique, take feedback and incorporate feedback into their projects.
  • Reflection Studies – where they will learn about themselves through the art of reflection.

These subjects will provide students with the required supportive skills needed for them to thrive in the industry and world of writing.

The three years of the programme are structured as follows:

  • In their first year of study, students will do all four disciplines with small interrelated projects that align to the term learning narratives.
  • At the start of second year, students will continue with the four disciplines and will choose their project outcome each term.
  • Towards the end of second year and onwards, students will further their knowledge in Short Story Writing and Promotional Writing,  as well as choosing to continue in either Play Writing or Screen Writing: Film & TV. Projects will be semester-based and students will be able to choose their project outcome.

Additionally, in the first half of the 3 year degree programme, Creative Writing students will be able to join the Bachelor of Arts (BA) crews in Production Studies as script advisers. This will allow them to learn the different roles in collaboration when realising a concept for screen or stage. From mid second year and onwards, students will be able to pitch their script concepts to BA students to be considered for production in the BA degree.

In third year, students will pitch their graduation concepts to relevant industry professionals.


  • Short Story
  • Screen Writing: Film & TV
  • Play Writing
  • Promotional Writing


Possible careers:
  • Screenwriters
  • Television Series Writers
  • Short Story Writers
  • Playwrights
  • Documentary Writers
  • News & Actuality Writers
  • Television Show Format Writers
  • Copy Writers
  • Commercial Writers
  • New Media Writers


AFDA offers a unique higher education environment where outcomes-based and collaborative learning empowers students with competitive, professional and innovative skills.


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