Thriller Drama, 2019


Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: Third
Genre: Thriller Drama
Running Time: 12
Rating: PG,V
Viewing Restriction: 13

A young girl, Oriel, and her best friend, Bulelani, enjoy the beauty of a South African farm as their playground. Their afterschool days are filled with extremely muddy play dates as well as building rafts in the dam and coming up with fantasies to fill the world around her with fiction and fun. Oriel’s mother, Helen, picks Bulelani up every day for school with Oriel. One day Oriel sneaks away to the back of an abandoned house where she knows Bulelani is waiting, except what she finds is her older sister kissing one of the farm workers. For Oriel this is confusing as she starts noticing the divide between her parents and the farm workers. Oriel’s sleep is disturbed by a loud noise. She hears the outcry of her sister. She runs to her room. She sees the farm worker on the floor naked lying in a pool of his own blood. Her mother holds a gun staring at the body. Oriel is shut out the room immediately and told that she must say nothing. Her mother phones that police and claims that her family has been affected by a break in and that there’s been a farm murder. Oriel gets into the car for school as she always does. Bulelani waits at the bottom of the road as he always does in order to catch a lift as always has yet Oriel's mother drives past him.


Robyn - van Niekerk
Prince Sam - Phiri
Geraldine - Scherman
Berenice - Barbier
Ntlanhla Morgan - Kutu
Basetsana - Molepo


Writer - Christy Morley
Director - Christy Morley
Associate Producer - Yvonne Fourie
Cinematographer - Antony Rangel Coll
Production Designer - Robert Wanblad
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Mikayla Matthews
Editor - Dylan Alexander
Sound Design - Joshua Goldman
Composer - Simon de Beer
Visual Effects - Tristan Peel
Data Wrangler - Megan Brink
Colourist/Grader - Keelan Niewstadt


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