Taming Kara

Dark Fantasy, 2019


Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd year
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Running Time: 12
Rating: PG,L,V
Viewing Restriction: 16

We follow two hunters, Kara and her assistant Boris, who poach rare and wild animals and sell them on the black market for profit. On their next hunt they manage to capture a very rare and exotic creature, a tokoloshe, with the intention of selling it to a prospective buyer, a chef named Ngiza. In the process of catching the creature and securing it, it scratches Kara’s arm in desperation, which leaves a searing burn mark but Kara thinks nothing of it. The next day, the day of the sale, the once human Kara has now transformed overnight into a creature herself, she has been cursed. The prospective buyer arrives at Boris’s basement in order to test taste the meat of the creature. Everything that happens to the captured creature then on, Kara begins to feel as well. When Boris finds Kara he realizes he can also make profit from selling her to Ngiza as she is no longer the human being he once recognized. The hunter has become the hunted.


Kara - Alexia Gouws
Boris - S'Qhamo Mangcu
Tokoloshe - Atlegang Ramakgapola
Ngiza, the chef - Laurent De Froberville


Writer - Naishe Nyamubaya
Director - Naishe Nyamubaya
Executive Producer - Kristin Pienaar
Associate Producer - Kristin Pienaar
Associate Producer - Kristin Pienaar
Assitant Producer - N/A
Cinematographer - Keelan Nieuwstadt
Production Designer - Stacey Green
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Dominique De Barros
Editor - Tawfeeq Van Wyk
Sound Design - Michael Smith
Composer - Bongani Mashaba
Visual Effects - Siphesihle Mbhele
Data Wrangler - Keelan Nieuwstadt
Colourist/Grader - Antony Coll


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