Experimental Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd Year
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 15
Rating: PG
Viewing Restriction: A


Our concept aims to set free women from the patriarchal and the heteronormative belief, especially one solidified by gender binary, that women are what they are because of a man.. InstaSlay is an observational documentary which has a subtle suggestive underlying tone achieved by following the lives of three young black women living in South Africa, who based on how they present and carry themselves could be described as Slay Queens. However, these women are women who do like to look good and have fun but still pursue their goals and ambitions. To demonstrate the subtle suggestiveness of the male gaze in the documentary, at the beginning of the documentary there will be visuals and sound that will be perpetuating the so-called ‘slay queen culture’. At the beginning of the documentary, we are introduced to the three characters that will be used to explore the term ‘slay queen’. We have explored the way these women live their lives and how they are in alignment with the slay queen culture or give off the impression that they are Slay queens. Hence, we will be seeing these women going out, champagne and these women looking aesthetically This will then be speaking to society’s constant faith in misconceptions.



Writer - Noluthanda Ngema & Zamafuze Ngcobo
Director - Noluthando Ngema
Associate Producer - Cheryl Naledi Mohale
Associate Producer - Nonjabulo Sibisi
Cinematographer - Ngqiqo Nkonzombi
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Zamafuze Ngcobo
Editor - Amanda Mthiyane
Sound Design - Ndabenhle Mazibuko



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