Experimental Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd Year
Genre: Psychedelic Drama
Running Time: 10
Rating: PG
Viewing Restriction: 13

Afro-Bohemian Psychedelic Drama

A young man who has had his perspective flawed by the hardships that he has encountered in his life, seeks to have this issue fixed with the help of a spiritual healer. Zola is a young hard-working man currently living with his wife Linda and her uncle, the dynamic within the household is unstable. This is due to the fact that Zola cannot handle the stress of working a low-level office job that provides the sole income of the house. This stress causes Zola to lash out at those he works with and those he loves, so he decides to seek out the help of a spiritual healer who will take Zola on a journey of personal growth and change of perspective.


Zola - Siyanda Sendyose
Linda - Asivile Mausi
The Boss - Zimkhitha Mpanzela


Writer - Gerhard de Villiers
Director - Gerhard de Villiers
Executive Producer - Isaiah Lindstrom
Cinematographer - Tom Radford
Editor - Siya Nondikane
Sound Design - Tristan Palframan
Visual Effects - Annika Botha
Data Wrangler - Daniel du Plessis
Colourist/Grader - Daniel du Plessis



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