Experimental Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 10
Rating: PG
Viewing Restriction: 13


Synopsis: A coming out story: A young gay man named Lerato is struggling to become intimate with his boyfriend Jaden, due to feelings of gay shame. One night after a romantic picnic Lerato and Jaden try to become intimate with one another, as it starts to become more serious, Lerato starts to see and hear flashes of his ex-girlfriend. She states her disgust in the activity busy being performed, thus he throws Jaden off of him and says he cannot go through with sex. This leads Jaden asking Lerato why he cannot have sex. We then enter into flashbacks sequences where we see the verbal abuse from his ex-girlfriend Amanda, and the physical abuse from his adoptive father. While in high school Lerato decided to tell his then-girlfriend the truth that he is gay, she, however, did not accept him. This leads our protagonist to remember back to when his father disowned him and physically abused him for being gay. While this is all happening we also enter into a clinical dreamlike world, where we see a life-size cocoon-like object growing a male human inside of it. In the end, Lerato overcomes these feelings of gay shame and learns to love himself as he remembers back to the time when he was a child, innocent and untouched/influenced by the thoughts and opinions of the society around him. Lerato is thus finally able to grow at his own pace, he is then reborn into a new man, and thus the man within the cocoon is birthed.


Mteteleli - Mangcunyana
Chadlyn - Beckmann
Tiisetso - Makatu
Terence - Bridgett
Njabuloh - Mvubu


Writer - Iban Bester & Roelof Hayward
Director - Iban Bester & Roelof Hayward
Executive Producer - Ryan Matulich
Cinematographer - Nicholas Robert Brown
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Ashleigh Crawford
Editor - Matthew Aguirre
Sound Design - Michaela Mc Enery
Visual Effects - Dumisani Lesikara
Data Wrangler - Ayrton Fuller
Colourist/Grader - Ayrton Fuller



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