Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd Year Live Performance
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 60
Rating: PG,L
Viewing Restriction: 13

The Colonel Bird

The Colonel Bird is a politicized “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” subverting all our conventional definitions of madness. War in Kosovo in the 1990s gave Bulgarian writer Hristo Boytchev’s comic satire on Balkan politics a timely edge. Set in the Balkans, a doctor who is probably not a doctor, arrives at a derelict monastery where six mental patients have been abandoned. The Colonel Bird is a telling comedy about these six inmates who declare that their forgotten ‘convent’ is an independent territory, and they appoint themselves as a “UN fighting force”. Their pitiful illusion sustains them all the way to the UN building in Strasbourg. The harmlessly insane clients include an impotent gypsy, a mute Russian, a deaf actress and an ex whore who wants to be like Mother Teresa. It is a story about empowering and about unity.


Darragh - Concannon
Naledi - Motjuwadi
Chelene - Kreusch
Jordy - Gurr
Kamvelihle - Nyangiwe
Olivia - Hickley
Rachel - Armstrong


Writer - Hristo Boytchev
Director - Christopher Weare


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