Experimental Festival
AFDA Study Year: Third Year
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 10
Rating: PG
Viewing Restriction: 13

6 Actors in Search of an Audience

In a grand theatre, two actors badly perform a boring play to an unseen audience. At the back of the stage stands four other actors, not partaking in the performance. They are unimpressed and bored. The performance ends and the six actors walk to the front of the stage and take a low bow. But when they come up, it is revealed that the auditorium is mostly empty. Confused, the actors leave the stage. Backstage, the actors walk to their dressing room, furiously debating the relevance of the play. A radio introduces us to the fact that the actors are expected to elect their director, and that the audience is unhappy with the show being put on. A debate takes place, but quickly derails since all the actors are equally willing to express themselves, but also equally unable to listen to one another. The debate becomes farcical, repeats itself a few times, and ultimately becomes nothing but a show. Meanwhile, the radio informs us that the audience is getting increasingly angry and violent. The debate ends, with nothing achieved. The actors hear the protesting audience coming closer. They panic and run away, neglecting to realize that the obvious answer all along would have been to just listen to the needs of the audience member.


Darragh Concannon - Pantalone
Takalani Muthige - Il Capitano
Natasha Dixon - Frantesca
Siyamthanda Ngcukana - Columbina
Rene Frech - Arlechino
Theo Schneider - Piero


Writer - Daniel Steyn
Director - Daniel Steyn
Executive Producer - Natasha Dixon
Cinematographer - Alessandro Mascheroni
Production Designer - Lorien Nel
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Lorien Nel
Editor - David Radosz
Sound Design - Richard Gauld
Composer - Richard Gauld
Visual Effects - David Radosz
Data Wrangler - David Radosz
Colourist/Grader - Alessandro Mascheroni



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