Psychological Drama, 2021


Experimental Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd year
Genre: Psychological Drama
Running Time: 13
Rating: PG
Viewing Restriction: 13

In an unstable state of consciousness, our protagonist, Ndima (30s) has a hard time knowing what is real and what is not in her everyday life. Trying different methods to help her, her sister, Mthawelanga(30s), who has always been a great support system in her life, takes her to church. Having formed a bond with God, Ndima’s altered state of mind meets with the maker but that does not end well. Her sister tries other methods to help her piece together what is happening in her life and turns to tradition, with the hopes that they will find the answers from their ancestors. This is the last form of help the she tries to get for Ndima before she throws the towel. In an act of protecting her children from what is happening to her sister who is now not only a danger to herself, but everyone around her, she leaves. This is the final trigger for Ndima. Blaming herself and her state of mind we see her fighting with herself, and as the neighbour who saved her tells us a story of what happened the morning of the fire, we see our protagonist being walked out of a cabin up in flames. The bystanders make up their own conclusion of what is happening, throwing in conspiracy theories of witchcraft and satanism. Ndima gets escorted to the car by policemen. Everything seems like it is happening from a distance as she regains consciousness from her unsound mind. She tries to speak, but words fail her. All she wants to tell them, all she wants to say is “I am not a monster. This is real. IT exists.”


NDIMA - Mtwakazi Xuma
MTHWAWELANGA - Sama Mdangayi
LIYANDA - Owam Rebe
LUNATHI - Ndima Booi
Neighbour - Buhle Mpumelelo Rwaxa


Writer - Khanyisile Tshazibana
Director - Khanyisile Tshazibana
Executive Producer - N/A
Associate Producer - Nolundi Jodwana
Associate Producer - Nolundi Jodwana
Assitant Producer - N/A
Cinematographer - Shendl Angus
Production Designer - N/A
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Caitlyn Bagley
Editor - James Cummings
Sound Design - Lihle Kalipa
Composer - N/A
Visual Effects - Mwango Kondolo
Data Wrangler - Shendl Angus
Colourist/Grader - Shendl Angus


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