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AFDA Port Elizabeth was established in 2015 at a small campus in Newton Park. The student numbers soon outgrew the site and the campus was moved to Bird Street in Central into an old museum and heritage building. 

The campus started with offering on the BA in Motion Picture Medium, and the BA in Live Performance soon followed suite. By 2018, the Postgraduate BA Honours degree started and in 2019, the the 1 year Higher Certificate was started at the campus. The campus hosts a growing but tightly knit and diverse community of passionate staff and students all invested in and focussed on the creative economy.

The PE campus is within 5min from all the top amenities, most importantly the beautiful beaches and beachfront promenade of Nelson Mandela Bay. The Central area is host to a melting pot of arts and culture, including the Opera Theatre, art galleries and also many historical and cultural sites and buildings.

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9 Good Reasons to Study at AFDA Port Elizabeth

  1. The AFDA PE Campus is located in an affordable region that reduces the cost of living and travel considerably.
  2. AFDA PE will have small classes to facilitate personal attention and learning for each student. International students benefit from this stride in terms of academic development and can easily access English Language support services nearby the campus.
  3. AFDA PE will utilise the same film curriculum and learning system that has proved to be highly successful at its other campuses.
  4. AFDA PE facilities and equipment will have a year to year parity with its other campuses and proportionate to student numbers.
  5. An economic opportunity exists for PE graduates to create a sustainable industry through growing its intellectual capital and cultural content.
  6. Similarly an economic opportunity exists for PE to optimize its first world infrastructure, locations, exchange rate and diverse population through facilitating international film and television production.
  7. An opportunity exists for PE graduates to create and reach both national and international viewers through the production, distribution and monetization of on-line content.
  8. AFDA PE has a rich cultural voice and audiences that are able to contribute to growing the arts and culture of the province as a revenue stream.
  9. Port Elizabeth's pristine coastline, friendly disposition and student life make it a popular study destination for both local & international students.



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