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News, 29 June 2017

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By Edwin Chetty


“Passion is the key to success.” – One of the many valuable and informative phrases heard at the My Business Expo 2017, held at the Durban ICC Exhibition Centre. An experience and opportunity of absolute benefit for me indeed as an AFDA Bachelor of Commerce in Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship second year student. Though many may fall victim to the preconceived ideas and opinions of seminars and expos of business to be boring, I can guarantee and assure you that this was of no such resemblance.

Waiting with baited breath upon the morning of June 22nd 2017, 9am for the doors of the famously known exhibition centre to open, allowing entrance to various business driven and success hungry individuals – myself and my colleagues included. What could we expect? After only a few minutes of soaking in the Durban Winter sun outside, the time had arrived. The masses poured into the venue like a swarm of bees into a hive. Upon entrance, it was clear people were diverting in different directions. Which direction had the least people?

Once we had figured out that, everything else was pretty much smooth sailing. According to an email sent prior to the event, majority of the program consisted of seminars. However, to our eyes’ excitement, there appeared to be various businesses set up with their accompanying stalls and marketing banners – so as to inform the attendees and delegates what exactly their business was and where they could be found. Out of the innumerable businesses present, the first to catch our attention was a company called Gabsten Technologies.

Upon discussion and interaction with the Managing Director as well as founder of the company, we discovered that this company provided businesses with the service of Cloud Security as well as back up storage of any information or data. This was not the only thing that made this particular company stand out initially. But instead, their drive and support for the business community. Gabsten Technologies didn’t just focus primarily on gaining revenue and profit for themselves, but ensured for every portion of business received from a client or business, another company could benefit and assist in the process. This not only provides other companies with exposure and free marketing, but business and income as well based on their services provided. A sort of “space for the middle man” if you will.

Not long after the discussion with Gabsten Technologies was it time for the first seminar rendered by the CEO of NSBC, Mike Anderson titled: Never Surrender. This seminar taught young, passionate entrepreneurs the key aspects and steps to entrepreneurship, encouraging them to embrace and learn from failure as failure was just a temporary obstacle.

Various seminars were attended to throughout the day, teaching us a number of things vital to the tasks and assessments of our curriculum as well as tasks and objectives of business and entrepreneurship in the real world. Among those seminars, we established a company called FinFind – a free website that provided funding for business, young, as well as established for whatever they may need. The innovation behind this funding process and service was that FinFind connected you to the funders. Allowing funding organisations to find you based on what it is that you need and allowing you to find the respective and specific funders based on what it is that you require. An innovation that will give rise to SME’s locally – not only connecting you to funders, but connecting you to information that comes with it.

Whilst on the topic of websites, due to our degree being that of a digital nature, we are constantly investigating the realm of websites and mobile applications and are repetitively searching for quotes of service providers to include in our budget for the necessary business presentation/pitch (Final Assessment). .zadna offers businesses the price of just R44 per/annum to host a domain and name for a website i.e. have a working, informative website for your business. I also received a free t-shirt just for registering onto their company database. Free stuff is always good.

I truly could go on about the exorbitant amount of things learned and experienced at the My Business Expo, but that would result in you sitting and reading this until the next expo comes around.

But to conclude, I absolutely enjoyed every aspect of the business expo and look forward to the next one with eager eyes and ears, hungry for more knowledge. But without my fellow second year colleagues, Lerato Madlala and Bliss Sibiya, I would’ve been but a lone ranger in the savannah, for which I thank them dearly for accompanying me.





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