Sir Roel Twijnstra wins award for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning

Awards, 11 September 2019

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AFDA are delighted to announce that Sir Roel Twijnstra has been awarded the Stadio Multiversity Chairman of the Board’s Award for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning at the Stadio Multiversity Awards 2019.

Sir Roel Twijnstra has been the AFDA Durban Head of Live Performance School  since December 2016. During this time the Live Performance department grew almost 300% from 25 to 71 students and changed its focus to screen acting (acting for film and television).

Roel, together with the AFDA co-founder, Bata Passchier and international screen acting lecturers like John Sudol (Los Angeles) developed a new screen acting methodology that is now implemented in the curriculum on all the AFDA campuses.  Its goal is:  to create star performers who deliver an unforgettable appealing performances - stars who hold an audience by modulating complex emotional behaviour of a character when put under pressure and who discover novel emotional behaviour through what the character wants or needs.

This screen acting methodology is based on the academic work of Dr. Paul Eckman along with constant interaction and research with the South African television and film industry. In Kwazulu Natal Roel developed a network for exchange of expertise between AFDA and the entertainment industry, introducing student internships and workplace-based learning.

From the 14 screen acting graduates of 2018, 72 % had a paid job in the film and television industry within the first 6 months after graduation.

In August 2019 Roel published the book “Acting in South Africa. Skills and inspirations”, his third book about the creative economy in South Africa.



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