07 May 2019, Alumni of the week

AFDA alumnus Waldemar Coetsee will be representing AFDA as our guest speaker at the Idea Collective Event to be held on the 10 May at Microsoft in Bryanston, Gauteng. Waldemar will be talking about how design impacts on the future.

He started his professional career in in the Film industry 15 years ago while studying at AFDA Johannesburg by assisting on every student film he possibly could. With his father’s trusted Land-Rover as company, and years of sleepless nights, he gained as much experience as possible.

After his studies, Waldemar advanced to set decorating on several international and national projects, such as White Light, Tornado and also the successful teen comedy Bakgat 1. After his first break as HOD on set of the M-Net series Innocent times, Waldemar has never looked back. Subsequently, he has been the Production Designer on 27 Feature Films and 5 television series.

He has also gained valuable experience as Art director and Special Effects technician on a number of commercials, TV, Film series and International projects (including District 9, Mandela’s Gun and Meerkat Maantuig.

Waldemar has been nominated for 4 SAFTA and 2 Silverskermfees (Roepman, Room 9, Faan se

Trein, Vaselintjie and Meerkat Maantuig) and received a SAFTA Golden Horn award for Faan se Trein.

His awards and nominations prove his definitive attention and eye for detail, as well as colour form and balance. Apart from his passion for period pieces, Waldemar is able to combine all these aesthetic elements with his myriad practical knowledge and experience. When he tackles a new project, his responsibility to portray stories visually to represent the nature of the stories interest.

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