News, 05 May 2017

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Written by Marang Marekimane

Rumour has it that online fashion retail isn’t successful in South Africa. How can this be true when sites like Zando have more than 70k unique visitors a day? Spree has more than 900k visitors per month.

The elements of a trending online fashion retailer

  1. Convert your followers to subscribers

Social media gets you followers. Subscribers get you sales. Followers that sign-up for newsletters are more likely to buy and promote your online store. Feed them information about the store and the latest items and they’re sold.

  1. Photos

Take away the guess work. Show at least a full length photo of the front and back of the outfit. To avoid being overwhelmed by the admin, use a platform that allows you to upload from social media posts. Mention the available sizes, unless the clothes are custom-made.

  1. Ordering and buying

Make it easy to order and to buy. Customers leave the website the moment ordering or buying is “too complicated”.

  1. Pricing

Online shoppers do not want surprises. Remember, in a physical store, a customer will look at the price tag before buying. For custom-made items, describe the item and note the price – the customer will have a better understanding of what influenced the price.

  1. Payment options

Have safe and easy payment options. Make sure the website is safe from hackers and let customers know you have security in place. Some retailers offer cash on delivery to reduce the risk of hackers.

  1. Delivery

In a store I leave with the item in my hands. Successful retailers have a reliable delivery service. Make the cost of delivery part of the price so you can offer free delivery. Customers tend to cancel when the delivery costs are added after they have selected items to buy. It makes them feel like they are spending more than they intended to.

  1. Returns Policy

For all the times you bought the wrong size or your body changed without notice, have a clear returns policy. It must be clear on how I return the clothing, who pays for the courier to return it, options for money back and the time-frames.

If you are worried about how to get this right when you don’t know much about building websites, checkout Shopify. It has all these elements in place, and it is easy to set-up.

When building your online store, think of the business with the end in mind.


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