AFDA currently utilises the services of several international student recruitment/ placement agents. Services offered by agents serve to strengthen awareness to potential learners on study opportunities offered by AFDA. Given their expert advice and local knowledge they are ideally placed to provide additional pre-arrival and application support to learners and parents.

Agents are currently located in the following countries and growing daily:

  1.  Cameroon
  2. Iran
  3. Norway
  4. United Kingdom
  5. online marketing platform span globally

International Exchange Programs

Noroff education span areas such as graphic design, animation, CAD and technical design, game design, 3D, film production, sound and music production, network and system management, IT security, internet marketing, app development, and digital forensics.

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For more information on the details of an agent near you contact If you are interested in representing AFDA abroad for the purpose of international student recruitment please complete the online Agent Application Form

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