AFDA assists in this process by maintaining a database of all students seeking accommodation and facilitating the first step of communication between possible share-houses. However, AFDA does not find accommodation for any students nor do we have any campus residence. We have a database of accommodation in the suburbs surrounding the campuses. The list includes youth hostels, house-sitting, granny cottages, apartments to let and to share, and communal houses. Some of the accommodation is within walking distance of the campuses; otherwise one will need to consider transport options. Please note AFDA takes no responsibility for the housing choice of the student. Travel and housing arrangements are the sole responsibility of the student. Only exchange students may request airport transfer and this is at the behest of AFDA. Students need to be aware that not all public transport options are preferable or suitable. For various accommodation providers in the vicinity of your campus or information about private and public transport please contact:
Nadia Chalkley <> +27 021 448 7600

Tips before signing lease agreements:

  • Always read the contract
  • It is not advisable to settle the entire contract period’s lease payments upfront. Only pay the required deposits and first month’s lease.
  • Watch out for additional costs such as water, electricity, parking, cleaning services, garden services and administrative fees.
  • Check the location online and confirm the distance of the location to your campus. The International Student Affairs Office can confirm the existence of the accommodation and assist with a site visit prior to your arrival.
  • In South Africa it is illegal to sub-let – do not consider this as an option.
  • Ask questions about the furnishings, crockery, cutlery and facilities for example how many students per house and how many bathrooms per student.
  • Bedding is normally not provided – check this prior to arrival.
  • Ensure that you communicate your arrival and check in details to the landlord to avoid being stranded.

AFDA is the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration certificate no. 2001/HE07/012.

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