Screen Acting


The Screen Acting discipline at AFDA prepares the committed student to work in a professional acting context by learning techniques and developing skill for camera performance. Using this, the discipline curriculum also teaches in a way that can enable a variety of income strands within the context of film and television performance careers. Screen acting students learn acting, presenting and interviewing, as well as become familiar with the technical demands of working as an actor across the mediums of film and television or video content. 




This is a fundamental level course that explores and develops conceptual,perceptual and concrete skills needed to demonstrate authentic performances for screen and television acting and television presenting. This includes textual analysis, character analysis, understanding psychological profiles of characters, as well as the physiological development of the actors’ body and voice. 


The second year serves to cement the necessary craft skills required for performing in entertainment industry. This is an intermediate and practical level elective focused on the applications of acting within the mediums of Film and TV.


This is a high-end delivery level elective with an expectation that the student delivers work in the mediums of Film or Television. The expectation is that, by the end of the year, their work meeting entry level professional industry standards. 

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