TV Producing


TV Producers are all about knowing commercial entertainment formats and carry the traits of being good all-rounders, team leaders but also team players which means being both creative and organised, inspirational and structured. They are able to think on their feet and work quickly in a structured and technical environment. If you want to study TV Producing, think about when you get a kick out of delivering on time, keen and able to wear two hats, be assertive but also get the best out of bringing out the best of a crew and the best end results = a highly rated TV show.




You will analyse television genres related to factual format shows and evaluate the structure and mechanisms of formS


You will analyse and evaluate live show formats with relation to specific target markets. Sound recording for multi-camera production, titles, lighting design, and camera operations. 


Research in television production, pitching, scheduling, proposals and programming. 



The theoretical inputs in TV Producing discipline result in:


the producing, marketing and delivering one insert and one 12 minute music format show. 


the producing of a studio game show; a live magazine show; the recording of an off campus entertainment or sports event; fictional, branded, online content and a live awards show.


the production of a 22 -minute ground-breaking series pilot, filmed on location and in studio, as well as an episode of a telenovela or an original factual format. 

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